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Try Before You Buy
Membership Program

For the month of May, we are running a "Try Before You Buy" program!

Try out being a Wilton Woman's Club member, before deciding about paying annual dues.

If interested, please click here:

and then sign up for any events you are interested in - 

click below!

  • Book Club - This month’s book is Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver. We will meet at a member's home on May 23 at 7pm. Once you register, event location details will be emailed to you. 

  • Wednesday Walking Club - Each Wednesday at 9:30 am we meet at the Wolf Pit commuter lot beside Orem’s Diner. We walk on the Norwalk River Valley Trail for one hour.   

  • Dinner Club -Join us May 18 for casual dinner at a local restaurant to chat, take it easy, and get to know one another.  Location is Baldanza. 

  • Food Bank Run - Join a current member for a Monday Food Bank run.  Go to the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County and pick up meat and produce for the Wilton Food Pantry.  Once you sign up, a current club member will contact you about meeting at Comstock Community Center and riding together, or meeting at the Food Bank.  Most members arrive to the Food Bank at 9:45 am.  It will take 30 – 45 minutes to select food.  You will then go back to the Food Pantry at Comstock to unload and stock the items, which will take approximately 15 minutes or less.  

  • Potential other events: Book Drive for Carver Center, Norwalk, CT

Already Know You Want to Join?


  Please click HERE to register.  Dues are $50, and dues paid now are for membership through May 31, 2024.  Club activity is minimal in the summer, then we get into full swing in September.  

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