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Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship


​The Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship

The Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship honors Betty Sternad, who founded the Wilton Woman's Club in 1966.  Ms. Sternad was always a passionate advocate of education, thus it was important to her to help young women pay the costs of attaining higher education. Ms. Sternad attended Oberlin College, earned her Master's Degree at Wellesley College, and taught Physical Education at UCLA, and Greenwich High School.  Ms. Sternad's late husband was a trustee at Ohio Wesleyan University.   

Each May, the Club presents the Scholarship to one or more deserving women who are graduating from Wilton High School. Applicants write essays highlighting their character and ongoing dedication to community service.


Criteria: Outstanding and on-going Service, Leadership, Character. GPA is NOT a determining factor. 


All recipients of the Scholarship must be residents of Wilton, Connecticut at the time of application and receipt of the award. All recipients of the Scholarship must be female students of Wilton High School in their last year before graduating.

Recipients may be daughters of WWC members and WWC Board members, but these applicants do not receive any preference.  All names are removed before applications go to the judges.

Interested high school girls should submit a resume and an essay tailored specifically to this award, highlighting her ongoing service and outlining why she is deserving of consideration. 


Essays should not exceed 500 words. Deadlines and contact information will be sent to seniors by Wilton High School, and posted here each spring. Please send your essay to Maria Wilcox at before April 9, 2024. 

Previous Winners

We are proud of these previous winners of the Elizabeth Sternad Scholarship:

  • 2024 - Cali Hage

  • 2023 - Lucia La Orden Oro

  • 2022 - Megan Hanny

  • 2021 - Piper Chase

  • 2020 - Kelsey Rhodes

  • 2019 - Dilshad Dinshaw

  • 2018 - Jessica Highland

  • 2017 - Claire Burke, Meghan Downey, Jessica Wiener

  • 2016 - Tori Baggio, Jessica Kobsa

  • 2015 - Julia Davatzes, Morgan Donnell, Madison Gillespie, Alika Zangieva

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