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Our Executive Board

President: Maria Wilcox

Secretary: Kathy Poirier

Treasurer: Patti Dormer

Community Service: Linda Sweeny and Kara Williams


Junior Leadership Program: Open

Marketing: Donna Peterson and Open

Membership: Clare Murphy

Philanthropy: Clare Murphy and Donna Peterson

Programs: Maria Garcia-Gonzalez and Sandy Tangney

Please click HERE to find out about open positions!

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Our Previous Presidents

Maité Muth


Andrea Bates

Jennifer Toll and Lorraine Winsor

Stacy Crameri and Donna Sargeantson

Kathy Anderson and Tricia King

Mariann Bigelow and Wendy Lynch

Elizabeth Haynes

Ellen Essman

Genia Meinhold and Julie Wojciechowski

Susan Bruschi

Nancy Helmig

Chris Delmar

Jo Ann Bruno

Sandy Wallen

Patti Wrobel

Berni Walter

Betty Sternad

If you have any edits for this list, please contact Andrea Bates

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